About Dr. Karolina Grochowska

Aesthetic Provider in Atlanta, GA

Image of Dr. Karolina Grochowska

Karolina Grochowska, DMD, is the co-founder of Regenerative MedSpa of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. A thoughtful and sincere patient advocate, Dr. Karolina is passionate about helping improve clients’ quality of life through proven, naturopathic methods.

Dr. Karolina followed her mother, Dr. Beata Grochowska, into the medical field, earning board certification as a dentofacial orthopedics specialist. With extensive knowledge of the development and anatomy of the head and neck and her strong clinical background, Dr. Karolina provides clients with remarkable medical aesthetic care, including a steady hand and skilled administration of various Botulinum toxin and dermal filler injectables. 

As a board-certified doctor, she combines her areas of expertise, years of practice, and extensive training, to help her patients feel good from the inside and out. Dr. Karolina takes a holistic approach to health, assisting patients in adopting healthful habits they can maintain for whole-body health and wellness. 

Dr. Karolina is currently accepting both new and existing patients.